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Does your Company speak English? Would you like to be a key player in International Business?

We at ALUMNA English Preparation can give you a hand, either to provide English Professional Training or even to CERTIFY your most valued Overseas representatives and employees. Test results are available in 48 hours!!!

We have been providing Qualified Educators to work closely with numerous International Companies in the Province of Cuneo and Turin, helping them in turn to choose the best representatives to deal with their various tasks   Abroad. We offer assistance starting from translations and interpreting, to company based English courses of different levels. Our latest achievement as English Language Teaching Experts is that due to high demand, and the fact that we represent Cambridge English Assessment, we are therefore proud to announce that we can now Test and Certify all willing associates and be officially given a Cambridge English Qualification, highlighting the Corporate image as being an adept International player in the world of Business.

General English

This program refers to a wide variety of courses offered to meet  Student goals, English proficiency levels and timetables. The four language skills-Listening,reading, speaking and writing are enhanced through in-classroom themed activities such as role playing to encourage oral production, hence develop students communicative competence for both social and work-related environments.

The course is commonly chosen by professionals who usually work daytime and want to bring their English language skill to the next level therefore enrolling for an evening class is the best option. Conversations based on a wide range of discourse settings are expected so don't be surprised at the number of vocabularies you will encounter here! Fun outdoor learning may also be applied, examples are short school trips to a desired destination, get together dinners, or outings like reading in the park in summer. 

Available Courses are explained below ( By level )

Start of a trip in the name of English learning for children. Topics will be very simple and they will be treated especially through coloured pictures, communication and group games.

Introduction to the basic knowledge of the English language, its letters and sounds. Easy Grammar skill is taught to improve oral production about daily life using appropriate vocabularies. At the end of the course, Students are expected to know how to introduce themselves, spell some English basic words, ask and answer information as a tourist with basic English communication abilities.

Higher beginner Learner’s comprehension is strained when listening, yet pretty good when reading. . Listening to other English speakers will help students pronunciation and understanding. At the end of the program, students are expected to use high power vocabularies related to basic topics such us job, family, free time using more complex phrases. Ability to detect and use simple grammar structures in speaking and writing.

A student of this level can practice English in simple situations (answer simple questions, giving information…).

A student with a B1 level is able to cope with situations where English is necessary to establish communication. In familiar situations or subjects of personal interests, expressing opinions, despite some difficulties is commonly delivered fluently and coherently. Most students who have reached this far are usually driven to move forward and some even want to attempt taking B2 level English Qualification due to a personal reason or to simply include on their Professional CVs to impress either a current or a possible future employer.

They feel comfortable interacting with English native speakers as independent users with a high level of fluency and spontaneity.

In Italy, anybody who has a B2 English level is considered qualified enough to get to most Universities or be a candidiate to a position where knowledge of the language is a must. They are confident in interacting with English speakers being independent users with a degree of fluency and spontaneity. Those who acquired an official Certificate are highly likely to have a positive feedback to have an employment or a promotion, examples include State school English educators whose aim is to pass a Bar Exam, and job applicants for most Companies where English could be a language of instruction. Certification here must be highlighted as it will definietly open opportunities!

It corresponds to those who are not only fluent but are also proficient users who excel in four different skills: Reading and Use of English, listening, speaking and writing. Performing complex task in a variety of settings and are able to function independently with a great deal of precision on a wide variety of subjects. A student who has this level can very well discuss, explain and even expand any topic with less strain as knowledge on vocabularies is richer.

Highest level - a natural speaker, fluent and confident. Can interact on a wide range of situations without any prior preparation. This is a level that impresses Multinational companies as training to enhance the use of English will be unnecessary as the speaker himself is of a mother tongue level. As far as Academic purposes is concerned, this is highly acceptable as a proof of ones English level especially when it is accompanied by an International certificate such as the Cambridge English Assessment, commonly required by Universities overseas.

LinguaSkill is our diamond tip: it is an online platform with an artificial intelligence technology. Thanks to LinguaSkill the four linguistic skills will be evaluated: speaking, writing, reading and listening. The whole is divided in modules: you can choose from which you want to start. Its main feature is the efficiency of results: they will be available within 48 hours!

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