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Business Courses

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Business Courses

Alumna is the new formation centre for English language in Savigliano.

Alumna English school is the ideal partner for your needs of English language formation and certification and it is an official centre for preparation, registration and examination of Cambridge exams (globally known method). We are an external expert centre with a multi-year experience in the field of formation; we are innovative as regards services we offer, in the province of Cuneo.

Teachers here have a solid preparation and they guarantee courses for professionals and students.

Together with courses for every level, preparation for certifications like C1 Advanced or IELTS, our diamond tip is LinguaSkill. It is a certification specialised in the examination of Business English, an optimal choice for companies which aim is to evaluate their employees. Its peculiarity is the efficiency of results: they will be available within 48 hours!

Alumna’s goal is to offer to companies and individuals the tools they need to learn and use English language in a more confident way, for work or study purposes.

Alumna is available to give you detailed information on courses offers.

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