Alumna English Preparation in Savigliano - Cuneo

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English Business

We will take you to navigate in the sea of knowledge


Expert Cambridge English Exams Trainers

We know what's required to pass the cambridge exams!


We will teach how to study in an efficient and easy way


It is overdue for this module! Please purchase a license.
Making Learning Fun

We make learning English fun and easy with the use of images, group games and a communicative approach.

Best language trainers

We know how to get you through Cambridge exams from A to Z. It’s just up to you!

Professional Career Aid

We will help you to increase your professional career.

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Effective teaching strategies make learners driven and motivated to aim for more.


Welcome to Education World

A world of discoveries in English! You will master the English language to be able to speak this language more fluently according to your needs.

Alumna & What we do

Academic, Business or even General concepts are brought to life with the use of visuals and realistic, fun and cooperative learning exercises.

Alumna not only provides English language teaching, but also Cambridge certifications to demonstrate your in-depth knowledge of the English language both in a school setting, within a curriculum, and in a business setting.

Alumna English Preparation

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