“If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart” - Nelson Mandela
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Discover the new Alumna English Preparation school


lumna is the new and innovative formation centre for English language. We are the ideal partner for your English formation and certification. Our school is an external and expert official centre for registration, preparation and examination of Cambridge exams and certificates.

We offer courses for all levels!

We Have the Most Perfect Learning System

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The School

IELTS Test and Cambridge Certifications

Alumna English Preparation helps you as it concerns Cambridge exams from A to Z. Cambridge method is globally known for the quality of English language teaching. Furthermore, our school is an expert centre for IELTS test preparation, which evaluates the suitable English level for job and study purposes.

Teachers professional development programs

Alumna, as an external expert centre, offers courses especially designed for state school teachers. Just like its internal regulation, having trainers trained regularly, it is therefore extended as a means of support to other school teachers who come to us to enhance their teaching knowledge and technique.

The courses we offer here in Alumna English Preparation

Alumna school offers several English language learning courses for anyone who wants to study and learn English.
Courses for all ages


Courses for all ages

Alumna created suitable courses for children, teens or adults who want to learn English.

English for companies


English for companies

We have qualified trainers who will teach your employees the most suitable English level for your company.

Certificates preparation


Certificates preparation

Our teachers know how to fully teach and prepare you for the achievement of English Certifications.




We also have qualified translators who will help you when it comes to any issues in communicating with foreign clients.

What Our Clients Say

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Humanized Concept
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Marcy Carsey Marcy Carsey Excellent Graduate

Rich Learning Environment
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Monica Wood Monica Wood Excellent Graduate

Never Too Old To Study.
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Ross Williams Ross Williams Excellent Graduate

Outstanding Teacher
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Vanessa Vanessa Excellent Graduate

Our Goal

Alumna’s goal is to offer to companies and individuals the tools they need to learn and use English language in a more confident way, for work or study purposes.

Alumna English Preparation

Piazza Annibale Galateri 4 - 12038 Savigliano (CN) - Italy
Tel : 371 4570807 - Email: info@alumnaenglish.it
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