Courses at Alumna English School

Courses at Alumna English School

"By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail"
Benjamin Franklin

Our Trending Courses

 Business English
Corporate English

We offer General to Technical in-company courses. If CERTIFICATION is relevant to your Company, ALUMNA English can prepare and test your Employees English skill through Cambridge Linguaskill Qualification. Results are ready in 48-hours!

Chemical Engineering
Cambridge English Exams Preparations

Work with expert trainers! You will not be alone starting from the preparation, registration and testing! We are your reliable companion from A to Z.

Business English
Translation and Interpreting Services

We have qualified translators and experienced interpreters at your service.

Web Technology
Kids and Teens English

Starting age is 6 years old. Have FUN while learning English.

Professional Development

Are you an Educator? Would you like to learn new styles, techniques and tips but also interact with other teachers? Alumna English and Cambridge Assessment English can give you a hand!! We have specially designed plans which are exclusively for Italian instructors working as English State school teachers.

 Color Matching
Overseas Study Guidance

Programs will be available in late 2021.

Business Training
Adult Evening Courses

You can either have Individual or group evening classes. Have fun learning by meeting other professionals with possibly of the same interests.

 Art Photography
Online learning

Too tired to come to school but don't want to miss a lesson? Well! Online might be the choice!

Business Plan
Conversation Club

Available for students who are already B1 level and higher. Fluency is enhanced and some smart tips are taught here. Occasional outings such as dining out and extra curricular activities.

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