News and Update of Alumna English School

News and Update of Alumna English School

Let's use 18 APP at Alumna!

I for are 18 years old and you want to learn English, come to us!You can use your 18 APP BONUS! 
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Hello everyone!If you need to revise your English, or you kid does, in order to pass September exams, we can help you!You may not enjoy English at school, but we will do our best to make you like it!Come and visit ut,Bye bye!Alumna Staff
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To be prepared for your next holidays!
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Starting from the end of the school, for 5 or 7 weeks, you can enrol your child or children, in order to keep on studying English!But don't worry, the lessons will be full of games and a lot of fun!Call us to learn more about this occasion.Bye bye,Alumna Staff
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ALUMNA English, as EF Authorised Centre in Province of Cuneo, offers several EF EXPERIENCES ABROAD. If you want to learn more about it, pass by here and we'll tell you everything.The experiences are thought both for adults and children!We're here for you!Alumna Staff
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On the 29th/30th of June 2023, here in Savigliano, a two days of CLIL training is taking place.An event dedicated to teachers, but not only. All the people who are interested in knowing more about education and CLIL, can attend the course.There will be trainers specialised in CLIL education from UK. The meeting will be in English, so we suggest a general knowledge of the language. In case, our Centre is available for a FREE LEVEL TEST, in order to diver you level in English Language.At the ...
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Hello everyone!CHRISTMAS IS COMING!If you don't what to buy for Christmas... why don't buy the occasion of learning or improving English knowledge??Enjoy our CHRISTMAS DISCOUNTS FOR THE ENTIRE DECEMBER!We organise individual courses or group lessons for all the levels (if you don't know your level, we can set an appointment for a FREE LEVEL TEST). Starting from January 2023, new YLE KIDS GROUPS fino a giugno 2023. Come and visit us!
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Starting from November
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